Product Care

Heat Pressed Product Care :

Avoid washing the garment within the first 24 hours of receiving it. Turn garment inside out and wash on cold cycle. DO NOT use bleach as it will ruin the material. Dry at normal setting on household dryers. Do not dry clean garments. Instructions apply for normal vinyl, reflective, stretch (matte), glow, glitter, holographic, metal, stripflock, and brick.


Embroidered Product Care : 

All embroidered products should be washed with a mild detergent. If the product requires bleach, use a small amount and proceed at your own risk. Machine wash on cold cycle. Use delicate wash cycle. Never leave any piece of embroidered clothing soaking or in water or lying in a pile when wet. Do not rub stained embroidery.

Embroidery may be dry cleaned, however, extreme care should be exercised when dry cleaning. Special care must be taken when dark shades are dry cleaned. Avoid use of pre-spotting agents.


Felt Product Care : 

Machine wash with cold water on a delicate cycle. Make sure the machine does not fill all the way with water. Too much water can ruin the felt and alter its shape. You want the water to just cover the felt. Always air dry felt-made garments, do not dry clean.


Next Level Face Masks : 

Place your mask in a mesh laundry bag. Wash on gentle cycle, hang to dry. If you want to diminish the chances of your mask shrinking, do not place in the dryer. 


Golf Shirts : 

Place the golf shirt in the washing machine as normal. If you don't use pods, add one scoop of detergent. Wash on gentle setting and use cold water. DO NOT use fabric softener. Hang to dry. Avoid direct sunlight as the heat can cause the fabrics to deteriorate. DO NOT place in the dryer. 


 If you have any questions regarding care instructions, please contact us.